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Our Web Based Game Development projects

Photo of Metaverse Hospital Simulation

Metaverse Hospital Simulation

We have a strong reference in ClearMinds, a platform we developed, which successfully raised over $10m for project development. The game features realistic hospital and outdoor environments with interactive NPCs, shops, and dynamic patient behavior.

Photo of MMORPG 2D- Turn Based Game

MMORPG 2D- Turn Based Game

Our developed PvP RPG draws inspiration from various sources, featuring art reminiscent of Pokemon, combat mechanics influenced by Final Fantasy Tactics, and an expansive open-world design akin to RuneScape.

Photo of Open World Metaverse

Open World Metaverse

Together with the Blockchain team, we raised over $25m from the community to develop an Open World Metaverse. Users can engage in virtual interactions, own and trade virtual real estate, explore a vast game world, and establish their own online businesses.

Photo of ED- Learning Game

ED- Learning Game

As part of a Unity+WebGL project, our team developed a healthcare (cancer) education platform. I specifically focused on creating avatars, designing virtual environments for patient journeys, and implementing numerous controls to enhance the platform's functionality.

Photo of Virtual Education Environment

Virtual Education Environment

We have developed Virtual training Simulation for Wind Industry, where user will learn the essential skills needed for working on wind turbines in a safe and controlled environment. With realistic scenarios and interactive tasks, users will gain hand-on experience in maintenance, repair and safety procedures, preparing them for real- world situations.

Photo of Karate Learning simulation

Karate Learning simulation

Our game empowers kids to overcome bullying and anxiety through karate practice, progressing from novices to skilled fighters. Educational resources, including daily anxiety management tips, enhance practical skills for real-life application.

Photo of First Person Shooter Game

First Person Shooter Game

Zombie Age is an adrenaline-fueled action game set in a post-apocalyptic world, where players battle hordes of zombies. With a range of weapons and power-ups, they must survive, defeat bosses, and conquer challenging levels.

Photo of VR-based large open ocean aquarium game

VR-based large open ocean aquarium game

Using the Unity engine, we have created an expansive virtual reality game featuring a vast open ocean aquarium. Dive into the depths and embark on a captivating journey to witness a diverse array of fish species, immersing yourself in a new and enjoyable world.

Photo of E- Tech Learning Virtual Platform

E- Tech Learning Virtual Platform

In response to the ongoing era of remote work, we have created a cutting-edge holographic collaboration platform for augmented and virtual reality. With the capacity to accommodate over 40 individuals in an auditorium-like setting, our platform facilitates diverse meeting types, from lectures to conferences, enabling seamless remote work and large-scale gatherings.

We create web-based games that can be accessed and played directly from web browsers, eliminating the need for users to download or install additional software. Our web game development services encompass various genres, including casual games, multiplayer games, and HTML5/Three.js game development.

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